For over 35 years, Terry Scott has been providing durable and artistic coatings for wood and other surfaces. The U.V. grade coating is waterproof, heat & alcohol resistant and adheres to virtually any surface.

The clear coating, thin or thick, naturally brings out the grain and knots in the wood. And beneath the coating we can add photographs, company logos, sports cards, coins, flowers, drawings, recycled caps or crowns plus a wide variety of other objects to create one-of-a-kind promotional items or personalized gifts such as Tables, Benches, Bars, Decks, Booths and much more. Ideal for restaurants and businesses.
As well, we can clear coat Concrete, Metal, Steel, Brick, Stone, Rock, etc. in the same way to preserve the surface and enhance the natural texture and colour.

Plus you can add a tint to the coating to bring artistic colours to your projects so that you can mix and match any indoor or outdoor decor.

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