The science of KTS® Coatings began 35 years ago. "For my first project l wanted to create a bottle cap table for my father on his 50th birthday, using 50 beer caps off beer bottles. It was then that l discovered there was no coating available thick enough to give me the look l was envisaging. My search began and KTS was born."

Over the years the coating has changed and improved as different technology has become available, working with a number of chemists through the testing stages and changing chemists as required according to their knowledge. In recent years, chemists have approached KTS to test their product.
Testing has taken place both indoor and out to check the coating's performance and reaction to heat and cold. Left outside year round, through summer sun and winter snow and ice, the coatings have proven their worth.

Today, the KTS coatings are self-priming, non-yellowing and provide excellent penetrating and bond strength, along with abrasion, impact and wear resistance on wood, concrete, tile, metal, steel, brick, stone and rock.

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